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Streets of Rage Remake Version:5
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SoRR is a compilation of the Streets of Rage games combined together to take the best of all worlds.  If you like Final Fight, or played the SoR series, this is a MUST game to download.  Unlockable characters, unlockable cheats, multiple endings, and one of the greater OST you will ever hear from a single game.  You can even custom the music by making your own OGG files, allowing an intro part, and then a main repeated part.  Full joystick support, and local multiplayer, as well as single player with CPU support.

If you don't play this game, then something is wrong with you!


Size 218.93 MB
Downloads 222
Language English
License GNU/GPL
Website Homepage
Created 2012-05-24 18:37:56
Created by System
Changed at 2012-05-24 14:13:18
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