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Postby PiperTheMad » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:59:03

I was wondering if there would be a post about the Superbowl or not.

Who is everyone picking?

It's funny. I was just noticing in my last post that I went on and on about how big a fan I am of the Pittsburgh Penguins (and I am), but for the Superbowl, I'll have to be choosing the Packers. Of course this year, I'm hoping there are some good commercials.
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Re: Superbowl

Postby madd74 » Mon Feb 07, 2011 17:09:18

Well, I was hoping for the Cubs to win this years Superbowl :D

To be honest, I was not ever a big fan of football. My ex was, I however, am a baseball fan. I heard a lot of ad people this year decided to pull their stuff who otherwise would pay the millions for 30 seconds of ad time.

I remember when the commercials were extremely cool, then that ad came from Snickers that the gay community wanted banned, and that one with the robot arm that jumps from a bridge got banned. So it is like, everyone is getting all up in arms about silly commercials, and I think that really ruined the tone. I did watch last year's ads, and thought that they were not as good as they use to be.

Well, looks like your Packers won. I also heard that the half time show was one of the worst ever, and I did not even watch it (I was busy playing FFXI). While not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas (as I would dub sellouts extreme), I guess it seemed like a karaoke show that a half time show.

Oh well... I got some great gaming in myself. :mrgreen:
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