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090321.6x - Forum: Custom Profile Field (Anti-Spam)

Postby madd74 » Sat Mar 21, 2009 17:56:04

Due to a massive amount of spam bots registering on the board (being famous has its drawbacks :mrgreen:), I have entered in a customer profile asking for a number value. Please note that it was not currently set to show during registration (bug with the software as it should have been.) Existing users should not see a problem with this UNLESS you go to update your profile. If you do and forget to enter in a number, it will tell you a wrong value has been entered.

It is not necessary for current users to change their profile or enter in this number. As noted, this is only true if you decide to update your profile. All new users will be required to enter in information. Death to spammers, may you get a slow growing painful cancer!
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