We eat ham, and jam, and spam-a-lot

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We eat ham, and jam, and spam-a-lot

Postby madd74 » Thu Feb 19, 2009 15:45:06

As the active users have most likely noticed, there has been an increase of spam on the board. I could not figure out the reason this started to hit the forums, and then it hit me, before resetting the board, I had a MOD that forced guest posts to use a CAPTCHA and that is no longer around. I will be working hard to bring that back to the board, as it appears it was doing a wonderful job of keeping bots out. So, for those who dislike spam almost as much as I do (since no one I know dislikes spam more than I do), do not fret, as the correction will be coming, and of course, I will post all about it :)
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