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Global - Please READ THIS FIRST!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 22:56:56
by madd74
Hello! Welcome to the NEW FORUM system! In technical sense, I went from a system called phpbb v 2.0.21 to phpbb 3RC4 (meaning not gold... yet). Please keep in mind that in the computer world, you generally go beta, RC, then "gold". Because of this, you might notice strange things happening on the board that for once are not my fault!

There are a MASSIVE amount of new and exciting features that this release has. File attachments, the layout, new BBS codes, and everything. I am just throwing it up to the public right now, however as time goes on, you will notice changes and can go to the support forum for information on those changes.

A few cool things to point out:

-Your information from my old board has been ported here. So everything should be as is, including private messages and the like. However, there are ADDITIONAL things you can do, so please go to your profile (user control panel). For example, you can add your birthday, and show topics you are subscribed to!

-New codes: like the new spoiler button!
Spoiler for The Wall:
Greatest movie ever!
As you can see, this cool new code allows you to hide things. If you are posting movie information that contains spoilers, it is important you use this, or you will get in trouble! :D In the above example, after the = I put The Wall, and between the tags I put the actual text. There is a button you should notice up there with Img, URL, Flash, and spoiler=

-Subscriptions!: You can now subscribe to any forum or cat. that you wish, getting updates when people post. This will lead to the new way for updates with Jarin's forum, bringing me to...

-Photo Album!: While it is still being worked on, an album is being made for this version of phpbb, and this is where all my pictures will be moved over to eventually. This allows me to remove the middle man that I am using now, and the ability for you, humans, to also add things with the greatest of ease.

There is just so much, I cannot get into all of it right now. If you are semi familiar, or simply curious, you can go to the following spot to see the change from version 2 to version 3 (realize this list was geared towards the admins, so a lot of it may or may not make sense:

So there you have it! I am extremely excited about a lot of the changes, and look forward to getting a bunch of stuff added.


PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:32:42
by sewcute
sounds good!

font is a little bigger! easier on my old eyes ;)

Global Rules for the Board

PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2007 22:11:59
by madd74
Please follow the rules to the board, as this board has many multiple uses! Keep in mind that any forum that has "special rules" may override this global message.

-be respectful to each other!
-young people and easily offended people can be on the board, so in the general forums
-there are forums (or can be, or will be) for "special" content, so if you want to do something like post a dirty jokes (or whatever), MAKE SURE IT IS IN THE RIGHT FORUM, and not a general one
-any questions should be asked in the SUPPORT FORUM, PM to me directly, or sent via IM or whatever other way you have to reach me