Alliance Job Position Available: Heavy Warrior

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Alliance Job Position Available: Heavy Warrior

Postby madd74 » Tue Mar 18, 2014 15:29:34

Now that we are on Rank 3, we have unlocked a new position: Heavy Warrior. This position will grant defense power up 5% (only in alliance battle). This means when you do any alliance battles you will have an increase of 5% defence.

If you want it, simply ask. Note that when we rank up to 4, the next unlock is Knight (5% attack in alliance battle). Whoever has Heavy Warrior will have first dibs on that, and when we are rank 5, Priest (5% Archwitch encounter rate up).

Note: If you are not pulling your weight in alliance battle, I will most likely offer up the position to someone who is.

Simply reply to this message, or reply in the alliance chat "I want the job!" :mrgreen:
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