Cash MOD

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Cash MOD

Postby madd74 » Sat Jan 24, 2009 15:53:38

Cash MOD Beta

There is now a simple points system on the board. Currently, there are two currencies:

  • Krugs - board
  • Rupees - arcade

At this time, there is not much to points other than collecting them, however in the future this will change very much so. The current exchange rate between them is 5 Droogers to 1 Rupee. You will notice a "Donate" next to a person (along with high scores, location, etc). This can be found next to a person's post, or in their profile.

You *can* get points for posting, attachments, polls, and playing arcade. You can get points per how many characters you post, and it can be changed by forum, meaning posting in one forum could give more points than another. When more uses and a more unified method for giving points is done, a reply shall be posted.
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