IWOT - post your site and links, but READ FIRST

"Internet Waste of Time" - For those who like to waste your time on the net, here is the place to find links and such out there.

IWOT - post your site and links, but READ FIRST

Postby madd74 » Tue Aug 21, 2007 22:35:57

One of the few places on the board where you are free to post your website, blog, livejournal, twitter, twatter, frappr, myspace, or just places on the net where you like to go to slowly fry your brain out of the existance to human kind. Unlike the rest of the board, "spam" here is tolerated, but only to a certain degree.

It is VERY IMPORTANT, that any new post you make with a link to another site include a rating of some sort there. For example, if someone were making a link to my site, and my site was a movie, what would it be rated? Subject would look like this:

Visit the strange world of Madd's World (TV-14)

Yes, believe it or not, my site would make a TV-14. Now I have some very not TV-14 things on here, like Bone Tooth, however that is considered "locked", and you have to do things to get in. Please note, in no way shape or form, should any links go to porn. Porn is not welcomed. Porn is not tolerated. If it is humor of a sexual nature, I have a forum for that, get access to it, then post it there.

The reason for making sites with possible adult content linked, as opposed to part of a post and the like, is so adult filter programs can protect the smaller crowd from sites they otherwise would not want younger kids to see. So I thank you much for your help in this. Remember, my kid sister or brother could be in these forums!!

Please, when submitting a link, use the urlnew tag, it works in this format:
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[urlnew=<external url>]<Name of Site, information, whatever>[/urlnew]
I will have something here... at some point...
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