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  • FFXI Auction House
    Link to ffxiah.com, a site that can track your character information as well as the going price for AH items! Very cool, click here and enter your name to check the stat information available!
    Total redirects: 2788
  • FFXI Allakhazam
    One of the top two sites for FFXI information, including connection maps, and much more!
    Total redirects: 2539
  • FFXI Clopedia
    Link to a wiki site for FFXI, including how to get through most missions, current events, and much more! One of the top sites I have ever seen for FFXI!
    Total redirects: 2624
  • FFXI Frappr Map
    A Frappr map, created by me, showing the location and some pictures of over 1300+ users!
    Total redirects: 3070
  • FFXI Official Site
    The official US site from Square Enix
    Total redirects: 2684
  • FFXI Myspace Group (Carbuncle)
    Link to the FFXI group for myspace for Carbuncle server.
    Total redirects: 2689
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